Academic Lineage

Here is a table with my 10 most-recent academic ancestors:

NameFields of StudyDissertationUniversityYearAdvisor
0Luca SoldainiNatural Language Processing, Information RetrievalThe Knowledge and Language Gap in Medical Information SeekingGeorgetown University2018Nazli Goharian
1Nazli GoharianInformation Retrieval, Natural Language ProcessingA Sparse Matrix Approach for Information RetrievalFlorida Institute of Technology2001Tarek El-Ghazawi
2Tarek El-GhazawiDistributed SystemsTheory and Design of a Real-Time Motion Detection Computer SystemNew Mexico State University1988Gerald M. Flachs
3Gerald M. FlachsComputer VisionStability and Cut Points of Probabilistic AutomataMichigan State University1967J. S. (James Sutherland) Frame
4J. S. (James Sutherland) FrameMathematicsThe Theory of Tables of Group CharacteristicsHarvard University1933Heinrich Wilhelm Brinkma
5Heinrich Wilhelm BrinkmannMathematicsContribution to the Theory of Riemann SpacesHarvard University1925George David Birkhoff
6George David BirkhoffMathematicsAsymptotic Properties of Certain Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Boundary Value and Expansion ProblemsUniversity of Chicago1907E. H. (Eliakim Hastings) Moore
7E. H. (Eliakim Hastings) MooreMathematicsExtensions of Certain Theorems of Clifford and Cayley in the Geometry of n DimensionsYale University1885H. A. (Hubert Anson) Newton
8H. A. (Hubert Anson) NewtonAstronomy, Mathematicsn/a ¹Yale University1850Michel Chasles
9Michel ChaslesMathematicsn/a ²École Polytechnique1814Siméon Denis Poisson
10Siméon Denis PoissonMathematicsn/a ³École Polytechnique1800Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Pierre-Simon Laplace

Academic genealogy prior to Poisson can be explored on the Math Genealogy project.

¹ After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Yale University, H.A. Newton did not pursue a Ph.D., as no American university offered a doctoral degree in 1850 (Batterson 2008). In correspondence with Yale treasurer and librarian Edward Herrick, he notes attending Michel Chasles lectures in 1855 at Sorbonne University, and mentions them as highly influential. Following the Math Genealogy Project, I have included Chasles as his advisor. Fun fact: when H.A. Newton joined Yale as faculty in 1855, he was the only professor in Mathematics at the university.

² Michel Chasles does not seem to have published a dissertation; Michel and Smadja (2021) indicate that his first published work was “Aperçu historique sur l’origine et le développement des méthodes en géométrie” in 1837.

³ Soon after starting his university studies in 1798, Poisson was noted by Lagrange and Laplace, who became his mentors (Connor and Robertson 2002). He graduated early in 1800, was hired as teaching assistant (répétiteur). In 1802, he was named deputy professor at the École Polytechnique in 1802.