Luca Soldaini
A raccoon wearing a top hat and holding a pizza slice. Luca sometimes uses this image as their online profile picture.

DALL•E 2 generation (April 2022)

Hello, visitor! 👋 My name is Luca Soldaini and I use they/them pronouns.

Hats I am currently wearing:

Hats I have worn in the past:

When not in front of a screen, I enjoy brewing espresso, going on runs, dreaming about utopian mass transit systems, and curating my ever-growing laptop stickers collection. Raccoons are the best.

Research Interests

My current research is in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR). In particular, I am interested in:

Please visit my research page for more details!


I starting new research collaborations and building connections with other scholars! Do get in touch if you are interested in any of the areas above, or if you have a research ideas that you think I might be interested in.